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Low E Glass

Low emission (low e or low thermal emission) refers to a surface condition that emits low levels of radiant thermal (heat) energy. All materials absorb, reflect and emit radiant energy, but here, the primary concern is a special wavelength interval of radiant energy, namely thermal radiation of materials with temperatures approximately between 40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The Viridian

Solar Control with Low E range provides excellent solar control with higher insulation than standard glass. They are a combination of solar control glass and coatings with the option of additional solar control inter-layer's. This glass range is designed for applications where high daylight transmission is required without reflectivity plus moderate to high solar control and insulation to reduce heat loss. Recognised as simple and effective way to balance design objectives with Energy Code requirements.


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Government Rebates

Environmental building rebates are currently available from the federal government to make new and existing homes more energy efficient. State governments and local utility providers also offer a range of rebates for energy and water efficiency. These rebates change over time and are aimed at promoting the installation of rainwater tanks or water efficient appliances for existing homes or installing higher rated hot water systems.In some cases, homes may be eligible for both a federal and a state rebate.

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Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building)

East Coast Homes understands and practices in providing you with all aspects of a green building. This is achieved by cross ventilation, raked ceilings, ceiling fans, low e glass windows for air movement, natural light and overhanging eaves for shading and cooling.Rainwater storage supplies water to laundry, toilets and landscaping. Energy efficient fluorescent and indirect lighting will save on energy costs. Solar Hot Water System saves you energy, and solar panels feed solar energy back into electrical grid for potential surplus. Master switch at the entry of your home can turn off power outlets not needed. With the use of indoor and outdoor space, we can deliver a complete eco solution architecturally designed home that suits your needs.



Smart Wiring

All homes built by us gives you the option of smart wiring. Hardwired devices in  homes today are becoming redundant. There are more and more devices turning up on the market every day. 

Not to long ago a house hold consisted of one box computer and now along with, we have laptops,  gaming consoles, wireless printers, media  devices.Our mobile phones hard wire connect or wireless connect to your television and home theaters.


Talk to us about your needs and we will design a cost effective wiring system that will suit your needs.







Hydronic heating

East Coast homes can supply you with state of the art hydronic needs from underfloor to radiant heating.


We have the most economical and efficient way to achieve the highest level of thermal comfort, with the added sustainability feature of having it integrate with your solar heating.

Talk to us about what we can offer you.










No home is complete without the right kitchen, needless to say it is the heart of your home. When designing your kitchen don't make the mistake of letting someone tell you what you do and don't need. It is important that you compare what you already have. Firstly map out in meters what you have and expand or decrease the size to what space you will need.

Secondly make a list of the appliances that you will want, there is no need having two ovens if you know you are not going to use them, maybe you would like one larger oven instead? Don't get caught up making your kitchen looking like a commercial showroom, unless that is something you like. Stream lined kitchens where most of your appliances are under bench or at face level but facing away from the front view are always the easiest to style and maintain. Bench tops need to be durable and reflect the quality of your home, when you have engaged, and committed to a luxury build you don't want to compromise the appearance of the central and most important part of your home! Sinks and tap ware are highly visible and need to reflect the design story you have chosen. I have seen many high end kitchens with inappropriate tap ware and the overall impact is lost instantly.

Lastly, spend your money where it is vital and make your savings elsewhere. Butlers pantries that include a wet area and additional bench space are an added value to your home, not only if you enjoy entertaining but if you intend to re-sell! So many things to think about.

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When you are designing your home, placing bathrooms and deciding on ensuites is a real task. How many bathrooms do we need? Should we have a second ensuite on the guest/second room? Correctly placed bathrooms to bedroom ratios, and powder rooms placed in common areas is crucial. We can not only guild you in this design process, we will ensure that when it comes time to build and fit out these rooms our skilled trades people will deliver a finish that brings all your expectations to reality. Our co-construct system enables you to make stress free selections and decisions that can be posted for all in our building team to view and decide on. Choose from a smorgesboard of pc's. Call us to find out more.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

No home is complete without the right kitchen, needless to say it is the heart of your home.

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I have found Anthony to be professional in every aspect of his work. He is punctual, diligent and excels in his job. He is excellent at both following up on problems when they occur with


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Green Living

East Coast Homes understands and provides you with all aspects of a green home.Whether that be low emission glass, smart wiring or hydronic heating, contact us today to build your Greensmart home.


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